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A Public Consultation was conducted to present our application for permission to develop the Renewstable Barbados Agrivoltaic Hydrogen Power Project.

DATE: Wednesday 07 December 2022

TIME: 6.00 pm

LOCATION: Princess Margaret Secondary School, Six Roads, St. Philip

planning application history

Timeline RSB planning juin 2023-01.png


Planning Application no. 1735/10/2021D


  1. Planning Application no. 1735/10/2021D

  2. Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) Main Report

  3. ESIA Addendum letter (Responses to PDD queries)

  4. Non-Technical Summary of the ESIA

  5. Technical Appendices to the ESIA:

A/ ESIA Terms of Reference

B/ Drainage Assessment & HydroCAD Model 

C/ Agricultural Impact Assessment

D/ Quantitative Risk Assessment

E/ Acoustic Impact Assessment & Noise Baseline 

F/ Baseline Ecological Assessment

G/ Visual Impact Assessment

H/ Glint and Glare Study

I/ Environmental and Social Management Plan

    6. Preliminary Site Layouts

    7. Public Meeting Report

    8. Conditional Planning Approval letter # 3064/30/19/23

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