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Today, 95% of the electricity in Barbados is generated from imported fossil fuels. The Government of Barbados has set a 100% renewable energy target by 2030.


Due to the intermittent nature of solar and wind power, this 100% renewable energy vision can only be achieved with renewable baseload powerplants such as RSB.


Located at Harrow Plantation, in the parish of Saint Philip, RSB is a large-scale and grid-friendly energy project. It will supply clean, resilient, and stable electricity to 18,680 residential customers directly.

RSB is committed to promoting the dual use of solar energy plus agriculture on the site. A large-scale Blackbelly sheep farming facility will therefore be accommodated supporting both sheep grazing and grass harvesting, within the solar power plant and surrounding green areas, promoting Barbados’ dual -use philosophy for sustainable energy development.


barbados daily dispatch profile

rsb daily generation profile

Dispatch profile MaJ 2021-02.png

RSB will generate clean firm power at a level of:

  • 13 MW baseload when the energy demand and energy costs in Barbados are the highest (day time and end-of-the-day pic)

  • 3 MW baseload the rest of the time (night time)

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Logos RSB final-08.png


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