The Solar Power Plant generates the carbon-free primary source of electricity for the Renewstable® Power Plant when the sun is shining.


The Battery Storage provides the end of the day pic power and, in combination with the hydrogen storage, ensures the stability of the electricity service.


The long-term H2 storage system:


converts electricity from the photovoltaic parc into hydrogen using an electrolyze system during the day, turning water and oxygen into hydrogen

stores the gaseous hydrogen produced in horizontal metallic tanks and then

produces electricity from stored hydrogen using a Hydrogen Fuel Cell during the night.

About hydrogen

schema H2O-01.png

Hydrogen technology has been around since the 19th century. This technology is well-known for being proven and non-polluting. HDF works exclusively with the world leader suppliers. 


The long-term hydrogen storage technology is based on the water cycle: it consists in breaking down a water molecule (H2O) and then recomposing it. The system only emits oxygen and water. It contains no chemicals, therefore there are no harmful emissions or pollutants.